Father’s Love Letter

Posted: January 26, 2009 in agnosticism, atheism, Christian, church, faith, Islam, life, love, Religion, Thoughts, wisdom


Just curious what you Atheists think when you watch this.

  1. morsec0de says:

    Nice music? A little gory at the end. Not pleasant.

    I’m quite happy with my own father, thank you. He’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But I love him and owe all that I am to him and my mother and how they raised me.

  2. shamelesslyatheist says:

    There is simply no evidence that the bible is anything other than fiction and man-made. Indeed, there is a great deal of evidence that it is exactly that. So, all we (or at least I) see is a lot of empty promises and a diminishment of human accomplishment. I have all the love in my life I could possibly desire and none of it stems from any religion. Thus, we view it as purest sophistry.

    If someone could explain how dying in a horrible manner could possibly relate to the forgiveness of any bad behavior, and why the sacrifice was even necessary, unless the Abrahamic god is totally impotent, I would like to here it. I have yet to hear any satisfactory answer. It’s certainly not in the bible. All it says is that Jesus died for our sins, not how that works.

  3. It’s just an appeal to emotion with nothing of substance. Why would this effect any rational atheist? Why do people think appeals to emotion should guide your entire life?

    I’ve heard this line before; that the Bible is a love letter:

    “Dear Sisyphus, I created the universe. I commanded the Jews to kill the Amekalites, to include the women, children, and the unborn. I love you more than anything. If you don’t love me back I will send you to Hell, which is an eternty of torture.”

    Looks more like a death threat to me.

  4. CeCe says:

    I thought it was beautiful and so true. Thank you for posting it Nanc! I pray someone will stumble upon it and accept the only truth out there….He is our God and the One and only God of all of us. Even the unbelievers.

  5. Someone who can be converted by a video like this can be unconverted by similar means. Next time they have something bad happen to them they would be on the other side of the fence again.

  6. Nance says:

    I absolutely agree with you. Far too many people are lulled by emotional manipulation and think they can “try on”” Jesus and when life happens the “Jesus” they bought into fails them. Many pastors are guilty of shipwrecking the faith of converts because they sell them a false Christ through what I call “false fire”. Jesus did not come here to make your life a bed of roses, and anyone who promises you that is a liar. But do not be decieved: you cannot and will not come to Christ on your terms, you must come to God on His terms. By the way, you are already dead. He offers you life.

  7. Nance says:

    “If someone could explain how dying in a horrible manner could possibly relate to the forgiveness of any bad behavior, and why the sacrifice was even necessary, unless the Abrahamic god is totally impotent, I would like to here it.”

    Before I grant your request, answer one question. If you recieve an answer to this will you humble yourself and seek God? No? I didn’t think so. So you don’t really reject God because you have not recieved sufficient answers to your questions, you reject God because you choose to do so. Belief depends more on will than upon reason. Isn’t that why secularists believe many unfalsifiable, unproven, and untested scientific theories to be true? They will to believe, they do not reason to believe.

  8. I’m fine with eventually dying. Living forever would be terrible, it means everything I’ve done is worthless. I plan to live on through my works and future children. That’s the life of an atheist. Maybe I’ll be wrong and some pantheistic universe creating god will have something planned for me afterward, but I doubt it.

    What unfalsifiable, unproven, and untested scientific theories do we believe to be true?

  9. Nance says:

    In answer to your question, one Atheist I spoke with actually told me that string theory convinced him that God does not exist. There have been others, but that is the one that sticks in my mind.

    So do you celebrate the successes of your great great grandfather? What if you cannot have children or they are disabled? My point is memories fade, people die, this world is temporal, but to you meaning for your life is in what you do or what you produce (children) and yet do you really have any influence in that?

    Can you cause or sustain your own existence? It makes perfect sense to me to trust the One who can. Eternal life in the presence of my Creator and Sustainer is the hope of heaven.

    What purpose is there to your existence when it ends at your death?

  10. I don’t believe because I see no evidence for any gods. We don’t assume unicorns exist when we have no evidence, right? This is obviously my own personal view. I do not think physics disproves a god, yet. It may one day be able to do that but that’s just speculation on my part. I think if someone feels that science has already disproved any possibility of any sort of god then they are just as dogmatic as any religious person. That being said, atheists have no set of specific reasons for not believing in gods, please don’t lump us altogether like that. I wouldn’t assume you’re exactly like the oddest Christian I’ve come across.

    If I knew anything about my great great grandfather I would celebrate his life. Our great great grandchildren will be afforded the luxury of technology that we were not. How I raise and educate my children will affect the entire world for a long time to come, just the same for you. If I can’t have children I’ll either adopt or just invest more time into community and political service.

    My purpose is that which I choose. I’ve chosen to try and make humanity better off then it was before I came along. If I do that then I live on through the rest of the world. I’d like to live a long time, but not forever. I have no use for forever.

    Why would you trust someone just because they are more powerful than you? How do you know your god was not created by a more powerful god? Couldn’t he have lied?

  11. Nance says:

    “Why would you trust someone just because they are more powerful than you? How do you know your god was not created by a more powerful god? Couldn’t he have lied?”

    I don’t trust the Lord because He is more powerful. I trust Him because of what He has done for me. I know my God was not created by another more powerful god because there can be only one all-powerful, all-good, timeless, infinite essence. If there were more than one that would imply a lacking in some way. An all-good God cannot lie.

    Why do you feel compelled to give yourself over to a cause greater than yourself?

  12. I see all the pain and hurt in the world and how can I not want to help? We’re killing our planet because of greed, we’re blowing each other up over unproveable claims. I don’t want to give my children a world that is in shambles. After I became an atheist, I spent a lot of time thinking about how society works and what keeps people going. I came to the conclusion that if everyone invested themselves into making civilization a better place that would be more beneficial than an “every man for himself” idiology.
    Because I feel that everyone should be behaving this way, I behave in such a manner; like “ape see, ape do” I want to be an example of how people should act. With all of our flaws I still love humanity as a whole and I think we can do so much better than we are right now. I want a better future for all of our children. The progression of an everyman morality, science, and technology is the only way to have this future.

    How do you know your god is an all-good god? How do you know that the good that has befallen you is not coincidence? How can an all-good God commit murder? How can an all-good God stand by while people are tortured or lost at sea starving?

  13. CeCe says:

    Nanc posted this for me. It was a great gesture, hon but one that has fallen on deaf ears. The video held nothing hateful but some readers have twisted it into such. Pitiful. But Jesus said people would hate Him because He is the truth. Truth can be hard to face, I guess. It was for me before I became saved. I would have laughed at the video and rolled my eyes too back then. Unfortunately this only saddens the Lord. I am glad I love Him now.

  14. Are we not conversing anymore? I thought I was respectable enough..

    • Nance says:

      Sorry, yes, you have been great. I just needed to write a devotional for my friends. It was the original purpose of this blog. As you know times are hard for many people and I have been spread pretty thin lately. I really enjoy our discussions, so much in fact, it is frustrating to to wait for replies back and forth. Would you consider an interview some time in the next week? My yahoo IM is freendeed836. I am usually available during the day between 10 and 3. Look forward to hearing back!

  15. CeCe says:

    Nanc…Love ya!

  16. Nancy, thanks for the reply. I’m sorry but the only time I would be available for an interview is in the afternoon (sometime past 6). If that isn’t ok for you I’m willing to answer a list of questions through email or otherwise. My work hours just aren’t conducive to IM during the day. 😦

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